Pope Francis created at Huron Valley Catholic School

February 2nd, 2017 Posted in Blog:

I just love the way that Nicole captured the smile of our joy filled Pope Francis!  Great job, Nicole!  And many thanks to each child who contributed a drawing, I tired to incorporate a little of everyone’s drawing’s.  This turned out to be as colorful as our colorful Papa.      
Each day at art camp we worked on the next step of Pope Francis.  And each day we also created at least one other artwork.  Here Nicole was working on a big colorful oil pastel. 

The younger kids ripped and tore the beautiful blue background pieces.  Older kids carefully cut each piece of paper for the Pope and the dove.  Individual feathers were ripped and cut and placed.  We played with colors to give the background impression of St. Peters.  We based our drawing on a photo of a moment in time at Saint Peter’s Wednesday audience when a Dove landed on Pope Francis hand.

The   large 16″ X 20″ framed artwork sold at auction.  This is one I wish I had been able to keep!  What a blast we had doing it!