Artistic Skill Building the Fun Way

June 2nd, 2017 Posted in Blog:

This summer, let’s channel some of our kids’ natural energy and enthusiasm into some enriching, brain building, creative artistic fun.

Any left brained analytical person can do this.   Head to the library and find “How to Draw” Books.

Yes, anyone who can draw a circle, square, triangle or rectangle can learn to draw people, houses, monsters, rockets, dragons, animals, and more.

Check out author Ed Emberly.  His “how to draw” books are great for beginners and kids 4-8.  This artist/author has created dozens of small how to draw books that show you step by step how to make lots of things.  Great for a child as young as 4, but growing in complexity to challenge kids up to 8 years old.  These slim paperbacks teach drawing using 5 basic shapes.  It is a fun and rewarding way for kids to keep building good direction following skills, hand-eye coordination, and growing in confidence.

There is another reason to love them:  all you need is printer paper and pencils.  This makes them good for taking on long trips, vacations, and anywhere you don’t have or want to pack a lot of supplies.

For the older kids (9 through 18), a popular trend right now is Manga.

Manga is a drawing technique that is based on Japanese comics.  It is a simple way for teens and tweens to draw something “cool” and gain confidence in capturing human forms, action figures, and expressions.   There are a range of how to draw Manga books from simple to complex.  Kids gain confidence in drawing the human form and movement.

There are Manga drawing books in the library, online YouTube videos, and I have been able to browse the books at Michaels.

A talented young artist at Saint Catherine of Siena High School in Wixom, Michigan used the Manga style to create this drawing for our painted paper mosaic Saint Joan of Arc, created for the Junior Class project.

Saint Joan; Manga style;

If you are looking for learning to draw Catholic images, here is a Catholic How to Draw for elementary ages, which includes drawing symbols of our faith.

Ed Emberly books online here 

Manga for the beginner here

I’d love to hear from you!  What are your favorite items to keep on hand for the creative kids in your life?