My art is an expression of my inner journey of faith. I hope that it conveys something of the beauty and truth that I have found in God. Why the Catholic faith? Because God is so uniquely, powerfully, and provocatively found there. The Church…. so very fallibly human, and yet so beautifully infused with the richness and perfection of God. If you have never done so, don’t hesitate to take a look carolcolecatholicartistat the Catholic Church from the inside out. It is not what it might appear. I admire the skeptics who hold the Church to a higher standard… they should! In the Church’s brokenness is the humble seed of revival. Each age requires the renewed expression of the eternal truths, spoken in the language of the era. The church speaks to all who will listen to their heart’s cry for truth.

If you are one of the faithful, my art may enrich your faith life. If you are a lover of mystery, truth and beauty, you may find beauty and joy in my work. I’m glad to be part of your journey.